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At Last Live

Recorded in 1996, At Last Live is the unprecedented testimony of the power and ease of Elephant & Castle on stage.

At Last Live

At the end of 1996, Elephant & Castle decided to record a live album rather than to negotiate a production agreeement with a major. Recorded during two nights in Paris in front of 250 people, At Last is the last recording of a band who split up a few months later, tired of turning rehearsal and recording sessions into crisis meetings. The album features the latest songs written by Stein and Edouard Poujaud (Freaks, Ho Chi Minh, Cosmetic Love, Near Love Experience). E&C had designed the two-night show like a musical, with sequins, costumes and the cover of classics (Singin’ In The Rain, OverThe Rainbow, Mr Mistofelees). Stein, an heir to Freddie Mercury or Alice Cooper, loved the extravagance and excess of those songs. The band draws 17 tracks like as many injunctions to follow them on the way to a success which was refused to them. They had nothing more to lose.

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