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  • A True Storie

    18 juillet 2021

    Elephant & Castle, the true, happy and little-known story of a gifted group that broke the codes of prog rock. In the early 1990s, Elephant & Castle had turned the established order of progressive rock upside down. In France, the musical genre, ignored...

  • Une histoire vraie

    18 juillet 2021

    Elephant & Castle, ou l’histoire vraie, heureuse et méconnue d'un groupe surdoué qui a cassé les codes du prog. Au début des années 1990, Elephant & Castle avait bouleversé l’ordre établi du rock progressif. En France, ce genre musical, boudé par les...

  • The lyrics

    22 avril 2021

    Elephant & Castle turned down the prog rock clichés by depriving the lyrics of the usual prog rubbish. Elephant & Castle turned down the prog rock clichés by stripping their tracks down to the core and depriving the lyrics of the usual prog rubbish (elves,...

  • Discography

    25 avril 2021

    One album, one tour in 1992, a bunch of hopes and then it’s over ? No way ! E&C releases two lost albums in 2021. ............................... Buy our albums on our Bandcamp The Green One + : 5€ (soon on Bandcamp) The Lost Album : 9€ At Last Live :...

  • The Green One +

    23 avril 2021

    E&C’s debut album, The Green One (1991) is extended in 2021 with 15 live songs recorded during the Green One Tour. Elephant & Castle’s debut album, The Green One, was recorded in May 1991 at Studio Robespierre in Saint-Ouen (suburbs of Paris). The six...

  • History

    24 juillet 2021

    From its start in London to its end in Paris, the story of the french band E&C. 80s-90s : a 15-year musical saga. ............................... Born in London at the end of the 80s, the french band E&C was compared to such icons as IQ, Rush and Saga....

  • The Lost Album

    23 avril 2021

    Recorded between 1993 and 1995, the 13 forgotten, lost tracks witness the creative vitality of a group at its peak. In three years (1993 to 1995), Elephant & Castle increased the number of studio recording sessions. A dozen tracks were recorded. Thirty...

  • At Last Live

    24 avril 2021

    Recorded in 1996, At Last Live is the unprecedented testimony of the power and ease of Elephant & Castle on stage. At the end of 1996, Elephant & Castle decided to record a live album rather than to negotiate a production agreeement with a major. Recorded...

  • On all platforms

    31 octobre 2021

    The Lost Album is available on all platforms 12 tracks recorded in the 90sForgottenReleased in 2021The Lost Album is a masterpiece

  • Un morceau d'histoire du rock français

    26 janvier 2022

    Un article signé François Robinet, auteur du livre Rock progressif français, une histoire discographique (éditions du Camion Blanc)